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Subject:Great article
Summary:especially one part
Author:Ketil Engmark
Date:2013-04-23 22:22:37
Update:2013-04-24 07:59:36

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Picture of Ketil Engmark Ketil Engmark - 2013-04-24 01:48:54
As being one of those function and global guys and have used classes from this site like your owm pop mail parser. I am starting to under stand the principle instead of just using them. I have along way to go but PhPclasses is great and many great programers.

The part I got a good laugh from was I think it went like this.
"This site is called PhPclasses because its about OOP classes not like PhP learning class like school!". LOL

But its a good way to get people into OOP as they will think this is PhP and the way it should be done!


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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2013-04-24 07:59:36 - In reply to message 1 from Ketil Engmark
I am glad to know this article was helpful to you.

Maybe in the future you start creating your own classes and submit them here.